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The ulti­ma­te goal of far­ming is not the gro­wing of crops, but the cul­ti­va­tion and per­fec­tion of human beings – said the pre­cur­sor and master of natu­ral far­ming Masa­no­bu Fuku­oka and we total­ly agree

In the con­text of what’s been said abo­ve, our scho­ol of per­ma­cul­tu­re is focu­sed on holi­stic edu­ca­tion which inc­lu­des the phi­lo­so­phy of Deep Eco­lo­gy, co-feeling the Bio­sphe­re, empa­thy for other cre­atu­res, caring for our Pla­net in the con­text of eco­sys­tems, caring for others and prac­ti­sing fair sha­re: sha­ring the joy in Friend­ship and in har­mo­ny of the ancient ethics of self-restra­int (fol­lo­wing the role model of the phi­lo­so­pher-gar­de­ner Epi­cu­rus), and also in modern volun­ta­ry chasteness.

Our edu­ca­tio­nal acti­vi­ty inc­lu­des orga­ni­sing lec­tu­res, work­shops and webi­nars. We take part in sym­po­siums and festi­vals in Poland as well as abro­ad. We also run a publi­shing office.

przewodnik edukacyjny i praktyczne wskazówki # Nauka Życia z Naturą

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